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Celebration !!

What is celebration?


Celebration is something wherein you spend money and get happy,

According to me celebration is something which gives you happiness,

There is nothing which is mandatory,

Festivals & celebrations are made for happiness not to spend money.


A simple question to all my readers

People who are poor they can’t spend that doesn’t mean they are not celebrating the festival.

Celebration means spreading happiness and love which is more precious then money .


People who cant afford things do small small things for each other and try to keep each other happy specially on festivals ,

But people who can afford spend money and try to buy happiness alone .

Simply you cant buy happiness .

and you cant buy smiles


Magic Dunes !!


May 24, 2013 - Expressions    Comments Off on Love


Love is something which you can never describe 

But Love is different in every relationship,

Love can be biased,

Love can be partial,

Love can be Lovable,

Love can be hatred,

Love can be unconditional ,

Love can be conditional too,

All kind of Love has different feelings altogether,

Some are actual and some are fake ,

But one thing is for sure Love of any kind,

can do impossible task.

Magic Dunes 

Oct 1, 2012 - Expressions    1 Comment

Soul !!

What is soul ???

In our terminology it is invisible

and when we die it goes to heaven .


But soul is the purest form of you as an individual ,

It is just like a first rain drop which is pure and virgin .

Just like a new born baby who has no greed, no jealousy , no selfishness.

When a baby gets a birth and start growing no one see his / her outer beauty because they are already pure at heart they don’t know the world .

But when they grow up they start covering their impurity with good looks, attire and makeup .

Till when this beauty will remain 10 years 20 years but when you will start growing old beauty will not last long .

What will remain with you forever is your soul pure soul .

Keep your soul beautiful you will automatically become beautiful .

There will be no make up require , no looks require and no glamour require .


Make your soul pure

And keep yourself beautiful


Magic Dunes !!

Sep 14, 2012 - Expressions    5 Comments

Three phases…..!!!


Always it happens,

What you deserve and struggle for, you never get.

What you do not deserve you get it unexpectedly,

And sometimes you crave for something but you leave it for destiny

And you just get it unexpectedly. 


Life has three phases 

First phase is the learning phase,

Second is the struggling phase,

And third is the earning phase,

Sometimes all your three phases complete sooner,

Sometimes it takes time.

And they are interlinked to each other,

Your future depends upon these three phase of your life.

That how you take it your good deeds can turn you good individual for life,

Or your bad deeds can make you bad individual for life.

It’s you who has to decide what you want to choose.


Magic Dunes ..!!

Sep 11, 2012 - Expressions    3 Comments

Reality …!!!


Sometimes you are so damn surrounded by fake people,

That you will not be able to distinguish real out of fake,

There doings will never showcase you what they are from inside,

They will appreciate you always whether they like it or not.

People who are fake will not be standing by your side when u need.

You think you know the world very well,

But world knows you better.

Beware of those who are always there in your happiness, but not in sorrows.

Be aware of people who are not real.


Magic Dunes  !!!








Apr 24, 2012 - Expressions    3 Comments

Possibility !!

Life is so impossible without someone,

Who says that?

I feel life is always complete with someone or without someone,

it is just we, who gives importance to someone in our life ,

But I say life cycle always moves on with / without anyone life never stops.

So everything is possible if you think you can do it.

It’s just you who can make things possible.

Magic Dunes 

Apr 23, 2012 - Expressions    3 Comments


Whenever you are close to people you never realize the aroma of the relationship.
But once you are away you come to know that how close you are with people.
Distances can make you closer than ever.

You realize things after someone is gone but I ask you

Why somebody has to leave you why cant he/she can be with you ?

There must be a reason and you don’t realize when someone is close to your heart

Love your love and give importance to the person who loves you,

They will never leave you and go because its painful for them as well.

Magic Dunes 

Apr 23, 2012 - Expressions    6 Comments


Impatience is a disease which can actually ruin your bloody growth ,

Do not get satisfied with things I do agree,

but being unsatisfied with own self is something which eats you from inside .

Be patient and things will follow your path.

Magic Dunes 

Feb 6, 2012 - Expressions    9 Comments

Loving Someone

Loving someone is not difficult ,

But Loving someone truly is very difficult.

Love is something which is eternal ,

But no one can feel that ,

Because only the person can understand what he/she feels for someone .

Its like something  beats within you along with your heart


Magic Dunes …!!!


Jan 27, 2012 - Expressions    3 Comments

Imaginary World…!!!

Sometimes you just want to be in your imaginary world,

Life is not as simple as you think and you have to let go your imaginations for some silly reasons.

Why can’t we live our life as we want to?

Why can’t we do what we have to?

Why we think about our society?

Why things are not so simple?

I wish I could be in that world, which I like,

I wish I could do what I want to,

I wish I could do what I feel,

Wishes are something which are endless,

And sometimes this imaginary world takes your mind beyond everything and you just don’t want to let go.

You think this is the only life which I am into, but you forget sometimes that imaginary world never exist.

So imagine but don’t make it your world.

Magic Dunes…!!!